There have been numerous films and stories about the first ascent of the Matterhorn and the associated disaster. Never before, however, has the deeper background of the first ascent be examined in detail in an artistic way. How is it possible that an accident like this could happen to such an experienced group of seven mountaineers?

The way of life at that time is presented in the play in all its diversity: the noble English mountaineers, well-educated and of a high social status, who came into contact with the poor and superstitious mountain farmers of Zermatt. The village priest Ruden, who does not want the people to start praying more to the mountain - which seems like an idol - than in his church.

The play "The Matterhorn Story" from the Bernese author and director Livia Anne Richard is entertaining, exciting and moving - and goes into the detail at the same time. It reveals, analyses and interprets within the context and in terms of artistic freedom.

The result is a story that explores some of the great themes of human life: love, death, friendship, rivalry, megalomania and faith in God.